Change the mouse cursor.
[write-only property] mouseCursor2([in] IUnknown *cursor)
This property sets the icon (a Picture object) used as the mouse pointer.

Setting mouseCursor2 to Nothing will reset XpdfViewer back to its default mouse cursors.

Note: setting the mouseCursor2 property sets both the normal and link cursors, so make sure to set call mouseCursor2 first, and mouseLinkCursor2 second. To set just the normal (non-link) cursor, first set mouseCursor2, then set mouseLinkCursor2 to Nothing.

The mouseCursor2 property is identical to the mouseCursor property, except for the declared argument type. This works around a problem with IPicture marshaling in newer versions of .NET. See the code example below.

System.Windows.Forms.Cursor cursor = ....; viewer.mouseCursor2 = CursorConverter.convert(cursor); // This wrapper allows us to use the GetIPictureFromCursor function, // which is a protected member of the AxHost class. class CursorConverter : System.Windows.Forms.AxHost { private CursorConverter() : base(string.Empty) { } public static object convert(Cursor cursor) { return GetIPictureFromCursor(cursor); } }