Enable or disable keyboard events.
[read/write property] enableKeyEvents([out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL *on) enableKeyEvents([in] VARIANT_BOOL on)
This property enables (if set to true) or disables (if set to false) keyboard events.

XpdfViewer provides several events for handling keys and mouse buttons. These events must be enabled - when enabled, they replace XpdfViewer's internal key and mouse handling. I.e., setting enableKeyEvents to true will disable XpdfViewer's built-in key bindings.

The events enabled by this property are:

viewer.enableKeyEvents = True ... Private Sub viewer_KeyDown(keycode As Integer, shift As Integer) _ Handles viewer.KeyDown ' process a keycode here (vbKeyLeft, etc.) End Sub Private Sub viewer_KeyUp(keycode As Integer, shift As Integer) _ Handles viewer.KeyUp ' same keycode as KeyDown End Sub Private Sub viewer_KeyPress(keyascii As Integer) _ Handles viewer.KeyPress ' process an ASCII character End Sub