Load a highlight file via a URL.
loadHighlightURL2([in] BSTR url, [in] OLE_COLOR color, [in] OLE_COLOR selectColor, [in] VARIANT_BOOL selectable)
This function reads an XML highlight file (as generated by search engines like dtSearch) from a URL.

For each entry in the highlight file, this function creates a highlighted region - similar to calling addRegion with the specified color, selectColor, and selectable arguments.

loadHighlightURL2 throws an error on failure.

Note that the highlight file must use character offsets ("<Body units=characters...>"), not word offsets ("units=words"). Word offsets are dependent on the algorithm used to find word boundaries, which makes them somewhat inconsistent.

viewer.loadHighlightURL2("http://example.com/test.xml", RGB(0, 0, 255), RGB(255, 0, 0), True)