XpdfViewer in Internet Explorer

The XpdfViewer control can be placed on web pages that are viewed with Internet Explorer. The basic instantiation looks like this:
<object id="pdf1" classid="CLSID:4971A1E0-2254-11D7-BD2E-08004608C318" width="600" height="400" > <param name="src" value="http://www.some.where/abc.pdf"> </object>
The optional src parameter tells the XpdfViewer object to immediately load and display a PDF file. The src value can be any URL, including a "file:" URL to specify a file on the local disk. Most of the methods and properties described in this manual can be accessed with JavaScript (or VBScript). For example, the following HTML and JavaScript create a button which loads a PDF file into the viewer object defined above:
<script language="JavaScript"> function loadPDF(fileName) { pdf1.loadFile(fileName); } </script> <form> <input type="button" value="load test.pdf" onclick="loadPDF('c:\\test.pdf');"> </form>
Note that other browsers (Firefox, Chrome) do not support ActiveX controls - XpdfViewer will only work in IE.