Enable or disable mouse events for specific buttons.
[read/write property] enableMouseBtnEvents([out, retval] short *buttons) enableMouseBtnEvents([in] short buttons)
This property enables or disables mouse button events for specific mouse buttons. For example, this allows you to receive mouse events for the middle and right buttons, while allowing XpdfViewer to handle selection with the left mouse button.

The value of this property is the sum of:

For example, viewer.enableMouseBtnEvents = 2 + 4 will enable events for the right and middle buttons, while leaving XpdfViewer to handle the left button.

The enableMouseBtnEvents and enableMouseMoveEvents properties are a finer-grained version of enableMouseEvents (which enables/disables events for all mouse buttons).

The events enabled by this property are:

Enabling mouse events on the left button will disable XpdfViewer's built-in selection mechanism.

If hyperlinks and mouse events (on button 1) are both enabled, MouseUp2 events will not be triggered if the mouse is over a hyperlink (it will activate the hyperlink instead).

For control over mouse movement events when no mouse button is pressed, see enableMouseMoveEvents. For control over mouse wheel events, see enableMouseWheelEvents.

viewer.enableMouseBtnEvents = 2 + 4