Enable/disable emulated multi copy mode for printing.
[read/write property] printEmulatedMultiCopy([out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL *emulated) printEmulatedMultiCopy([in] VARIANT_BOOL emulated)
By default, the number of copies requested in a print3 or startPrintJob call is passed to the printer driver. But not all printers/drivers support printing multiple copies and/or collation. The printEmulatedMultiCopy property can be used to enable "emulated multi copy" mode, in which XpdfViewer will generate a print stream with multiple copies (as specified by the nCopies argument to print3 or startPrintJob) of each page, in collated order.

The advantage of emulated multi copy mode is that it will work on all printers. The disadvantage is that the spool file will be larger (because it contains multiple copies of each page).

Setting printEmulatedMultiCopy to true enables emulated multi copy mode. Setting printEmulatedMultiCopy to false disables it.

This setting only affects the print3 and startPrintJob functions.

viewer.printEmulatedMultiCopy = True