Get a child of a layer display order node.
getLayerOrderChild([in] LONG orderHandle, [in] int idx, [out, retval] LONG *childHandle)
PDF files with layers contain a tree structure that specifies the way layers are intended to be displayed to the user. Each node in the tree has either a name or a layer. Named nodes are used to provide a hierarchical structure for the layers, with labels to help the user. Each node also optionally has a list of child nodes.

This function returns the idxth child of the specified layer order tree node. Children are numbered 0 through n-1, where n is the value returned by getLayerOrderNumChildren.

scanLayerOrder(viewer.getLayerOrderRoot()) ... Sub scanLayerOrder(order As Long) Dim name As String Dim layer As Long If viewer.getLayerOrderIsName(order) Then ' this node has a name name = viewer.getLayerOrderName(order) ... Else ' this node has a layer layer = viewer.getLayerOrderLayer(order) ... End If nChildren = viewer.getLayerOrderNumChildren(order) For i = 0 To nChildren - 1 scanLayerOrder(viewer.getLayerOrderChild(order, i)) Next i End Sub