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XpdfRasterizerTM Library

The XpdfRasterizer library/component allows you to convert PDF pages to standard format bitmap image files.

XpdfRasterizer features include:

  • converting a PDF page to a BMP, PNM, TIFF, or JPEG file
  • converting a PDF page to an OLE Picture object (COM version only)
  • converting a PDF page to an in-memory bitmap (DLL version only)

All of the above functions can generate monochrome, grayscale, and color bitmaps, at any resolution.

XpdfRasterizer is easy to use:

PDFHandle pdf;

pdfLoadFile(&pdf, "MyFile.pdf");

// convert page 2 to a 300 dpi color TIFF file
pdfWritePageBitmap(pdf, 2, 300, pdfImageRGB, pdfImageFileTIFF,

Supported platforms:

  • Windows: DLL
  • Windows: COM component - usable from Visual Basic, Delphi, etc.
  • Linux: shared library
  • Mac: shared library
  • other platforms: portable C++ source code for the library is available

For further information, including redistribution (OEM) licensing, contact Glyph & Cog.

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