Xpdf is the original open source PDF viewer, first released in 1995.

Xpdf includes the Linux viewer application, as well as cross-platform command line tools for text extraction, PostScript conversion, and more.

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Support Contracts

Glyph & Cog offers support contracts for all of the open source Xpdf tools, including pdftotext (PDF-to-text conversion), pdftops (PDF-to-PostScript conversion), and pdftopng (PDF-to-image conversion).


Source Code Licensing

We offer source code licenses for Xpdf. License our high-quality C++ codebase, and add PDF support to your application.

Additional modules are available for:

  • Windows viewing/printing
  • DeviceN (CMYK + spot color) rasterization, including overprint simulation and color management
  • PDF split/merge

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Add PDF Functionality

Glyph & Cog offers a full line of software components designed to help you add PDF capability into your software.

We offer products for viewing, printing, text extraction, and more – on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Glyph & Cog knows PDF!

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Featured Product

XpdfWidget/Qt is a PDF viewer widget for the Qt framework. It can be used to embed a PDF viewer into your Qt application.

Supports Qt 4.x and Qt 5.x.

Available for source licensing.


Latest News

Xpdf 3.04 was released on 2014 May 28.

Major features include:

  • New text extractor
  • New rasterizer core

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