Xpdf is the original open source PDF viewer, first released in 1995.

Xpdf includes the Linux viewer application, as well as cross-platform command line tools for text extraction, PostScript conversion, and more.

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Support Contracts

Glyph & Cog offers support contracts for all of the open source Xpdf tools, including pdftotext (PDF-to-text conversion), pdftops (PDF-to-PostScript conversion), and pdftopng (PDF-to-image conversion).


Source Code Licensing

We offer source code licenses for Xpdf. License our high-quality C++ codebase, and add PDF support to your application.

Additional modules are available for:

  • Windows viewing/printing
  • DeviceN (CMYK + spot color) rasterization, including overprint simulation and color management
  • PDF split/merge

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Add PDF Functionality

Glyph & Cog offers a full line of software components designed to help you add PDF capability into your software.

We offer products for viewing, printing, text extraction, and more – on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Glyph & Cog knows PDF!

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Featured Product

XpdfWidget/Qt is a PDF viewer widget for the Qt framework. It can be used to embed a PDF viewer into your Qt application.

Supports Qt 4.x and Qt 5.x.

Available for source licensing.


Latest News

Xpdf 3.04.10 was released on 2015 March 20.

The big change in this release is a multithreaded display engine for XpdfViewer and XpdfWidget.

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