Clear Win32 API error function and error code.
void pdfClearWin32ErrorInfo()
Clears any saved Win32 API error function and error code for this thread.

Typical usage is to call this function before calling some other Xpdf library function, and then if the library function returns an error, call pdfGetWin32ErrorFunc and pdfGetWin32ErrorCode to see if the error was caused by a Win32 API function failure.

Each thread has its own, independent saved error function and code.

This function is only available on Windows.

pdfClearWin32ErrorInfo(); if (pdfPrint4(pdf) != pdfOk) { const char *func = pdfGetWin32ErrorFunc(); DWORD code = pdfGetWin32ErrorCode(); if (func != NULL) { // ... error was caused by [func] / [code] } }