Get the name of a layer display order node.
char *pdfGetLayerOrderName(PDFHandle pdf, PDFLayerOrderHandle order, int *length)
PDF files with layers contain a tree structure that specifies the way layers are intended to be displayed to the user. Each node in the tree has either a name or a layer. Named nodes are used to provide a hierarchical structure for the layers, with labels to help the user. Each node also optionally has a list of child nodes.

This function returns the name associated with the specified layer order tree node. It should only be called if pdfGetLayerOrderIsName returns non-zero for the node.

The name is converted according to the current text encoding (see pdfSetTextEncoding).

The caller is responsible for freeing the name string after using it, by calling pdfFreeMemory.

scanLayerOrder(pdfGetLayerOrderRoot(pdf)); ... void scanLayerOrder(PDFLayerOrderHandle order) { char *name; int length; PDFLayerHandle layer; int nChildren, i; if (pdfGetLayerOrderIsName(pdf, order)) { /* this node has a name */ name = pdfGetLayerOrderName(pdf, order, &length); ... pdfFreeMemory(name); } else { /* this node has a layer */ layer = pdfGetLayerOrderLayer(pdf, order); ... } nChildren = pdfGetLayerOrderNumChildren(pdf, order); for (i = 0; i < nChildren; ++i) { scanLayerOrder(pdfGetLayerOrderChild(pdf, order, i); } }