Get the name of a PDF color space type.
char *pdfGetColorSpaceName(PDFHandle pdf, int idx)
The available color space types are defined by the PDF specification. As of PDF 1.7, they are: The pdfGetNumColorSpaces and pdfGetColorSpaceName functions return the items in the list above. (In general, that list won't change - i.e., pdfGetNumColorSpaces and pdfGetColorSpaceName will always return the same values - but future revisions to the PDF spec may add color space types, and XpdfAnalyze will be updated to match.)

The pdfGetImageInfo function returns a color space type, which is an integer in 0 .. n-1, where n is the value returned by pdfGetNumColorSpaces.

The string returned by pdfGetColorSpaceName should not be modified or freed.

pdfGetImageInfo(pdf, i, ..., &colorSpace, ...); printf("color space: %s\n", pdfGetColorSpaceName(pdf, colorSpace));